28th central European tourism trade fair

21. - 24. 2. 2019


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Visit a stand of Poland


We invite you to visit a stand of Poland and the region of Lower Silesia on Holiday World touristic fair in Prague.

The region is extremely versatile – you can visit castles, palaces, undergrounds, churches, urban architecture or take a breath in the mountains and forests or at the lake. Active, relaxing, in discovery spirit or leisurely always with delicious food – in all the ways you can spend time in our region.

Lower Silesia Tourist Organisation in order to make our region more accessible created and promotes three different routes gathering thematically interesting objects from Lower Silesia.

European Route of Castles and Palaces – the route, presented on a clear map, leads through 16 magnificent castles and picturesque palaces all over Lower Silesia. The places are linked by common promotion policy (leaflets, graphics, info boards and road signs), common loyalty policy (discount system) the warranty of tourist offer on the highest level and centrally operated PR and advertisement policy. You can discover secrets each object, learn history, admire architecture and very often taste regional cuisine in a nearby, fancy restaurant. http://www.szlakzamkowipalacow.eu/

The Route of Mysterious Undergrounds – mountainous terrains, swamplands, impenetrable forests hide unusual in other parts of Poland, accumulation of military buildings and fortifications. Not fully discovered undergrounds tempt not only with architecture but also with magnificent history. 9 objects written in this route invite for discovery sightseeing – often in an active way! https://www.facebook.com/Szlak-Tajemniczych-Podziemi-1160947173943823/


The last route is Flavours of Lower Silesia – the novelty from Lower Silesia Tourist Organisation still growing in popularity thanks to wonderful restaurants and places with marvellous, regional cuisine.  http://smakidolnegoslaska.pl/

For a stand responsible is Lower Silesia Tourist Organisation; it’s a NGO taking care about the promotion of region – Lower Silesia, Poland, cooperating with multiple tourist attractions in Lower Silesia.


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