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Bulgaria – A Discovery to Share!

26. 01. 2017

Bulgaria - Amazing facts about the country that will make you wonder why you still have not visited this magnetic place


Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe, which has not changed its name since it has been established over 1300 years ago until today. It is the motherland of the Cyrillic alphabet, which was created in the 9th century. Today, around 260 million people around the world use the Cyrillic alphabet. The country holds third place in Europe in archaeological sites.

The oldest gold treasure /more than 6,000 years old/ in the world was discovered in Bulgaria. Over 3,000 gold artifacts of noble Thracians have been found in more than 294 graves.


Natural landmarks

Nearly one third of Bulgaria`s territory /111,000 sq.km./ is covered with forests, of which over 30% are protected areas.


The roses grown in the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria are used for the production of 70 to 85% of the rose oil worldwide. The rose oil is used for the production of some of the most magnificent perfumes in the world. During the Festival of the roses in May everyone can visit and pick some roses themselves.

The only nations in the world playing bagpipes are the Bulgarians, the Scots and the Irish. You can discover the roots of its ancient traditions in the picturesque villages of the Rhodope Mountain like Shiroka Laka, where you will find the hospitable locals ready to teach you how to play.

The country is home of the bacteria Bacillus Bulgaricus, which is used for the production of yogurt and it can be found naturally only in Bulgaria. You can find out more about the diversity of the tastes at the festival of the Yougurt, held in September in the Rhodope Mountain.

„Bulgaria – A Discovery to Share!”



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